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Barbara Gambrill, Certified Hypnotist Hypnosis Show
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Simply stated, "Hypnosis is a focused state of mind that is achieved by the willful cooperation of the recipient with an experienced and certified hypnotist."

During hypnosis, the subject is able to "zero in" on the specific areas of the mind through the power of suggestion. Almost everyone experiences some type of hypnosis everyday while daydreaming, reading or even while driving long distances or familiar routes along the highway.

Hypnosis works because it greatly reduces or eliminates distractive elements in the immediate surroundings, (such as noise or motion), and more importantly... the distractions from our own random thoughts which are ever-present.

A certified and experienced Hypnotist acts as a guide while inducing a state of relaxation to a willing and receptive subject. Once this state is achieved the subconscious minds accepts the suggestions.
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